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Polybench MRT-A Medical Research Computer
Our Polybench MRT-A medical research computer is well suited for the VOXP Research Data Collector! Send us an email to request more information.

Release notes

Version 3.2 (compared to previous main release 2.2)

CHANGE: Data review app now shows recorded signals in their clock time

FIX: Range and offset of signals are now saved for the next session

CHANGE: Data channels are now stored using their human readable names, not using their technical names.

NEW: Added Flow/Pressure loops. F/P Loops are drawn when the wave forms Flow and Pressure are configured to be acquired from the ventilator.

CHANGE: Added multi-lingual support

NEW: The layout has now been changed to support wide screens rather than 4:3 aspect ratio.

NEW: Now a sub-selection of wave forms can be selected for displaying on the Wave forms screen.

FIX: Selection of trends for the Trends screen has been improved.

NEW: Now the event marker names in the main wave form screen can be changed

FIX: Fixed sudden communication stop after over 6 hours, which occurred in some situations

CHANGE: Data Manager now has a more advanced installation initializer, and also the settings can be changed more easily.

FIX: configuration tables now resize correctly on Windows XP SP2 and SP3 that have not been updated recently

Previous general version was 2.2:

- Up to 120 monitors, 180 alarms and 120 settings can be configured to be downloaded from the device.

- It can be selected if monitor values should be stored per breath, or per time interval.

- In the configuration tables, also the technical name of each channel is displayed. This allows to use these tables as a name reference.

- Wave form storage can be started and stopped and restarted during a run, so that you have full control over when you record wave forms.

- The Wave Form converter tool has been enhanced to be able to step through all wave form files in the measurement. Wave form copies are saved in the same folder as the original measurement, so that it's easier to find them back and do your post-processing.

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