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Polybench MRT-A Medical Research Computer
Our Polybench MRT-A medical research computer is well suited for the VOXP Research Data Collector! Send us an email to request more information.

Download VOXP Research Data Collector 3

Current version: Version 3.2

- Wider screen size (read more)

- Better multi-lingual support (read more)

- Signals are now displayed in the language of your Avea

- Five editable markers to mark events during a measurement (read more)

- Live F/P loops

- Improved device communication

- Improved support tools

Read more release notes here.
Do you already have a license for an older version of the VOXP Research Data Collector?
Then you can buy an upgrade for only 45.00 EUR. Please send us an email at info [at] appliedbiosignals [dot] com, specifying your license number. Read this to find your license number.

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