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VOXP Research Data Collector

VOXP Research Data Collector Features

The CareFusion AVEA® not only is an excellent and world renowned ventilator, it also is a fabulous instrument for research and education. If equiped with the VOXP interface, then hundreds of live parameters can be read from the ventilator in operation. The VOXP Research Data Tool is the first choice for taking advantage of this great ventilator feature.

What can you do with the VOXP Research Data Collector?

Live wave forms

Show live wave forms from the ventilator, or scroll back in the wave form history to review phenomena that you have observed at the bed site. Your AVEA® may offer over ten different wave forms. Select what you want to see and store the wave form data to disk for your research. Mark events during the measurement using five configurable buttons.

Waveforms display

Live monitors

Up to 16 monitor values can be shown simultaneously on the Monitor screen. Meanwhile, a selection of monitors, alarms, and settings can be stored to disk.
Your ventilator may offer over 80 monitors, more than 120 alarm related parameters, and many tens of setting values. Stored to disk, in combination with wave forms gives you an enormous amount of data to study ventilation phenomena.

Monitors display

Live F/P loops

Large Flow/Pressure loops are displayed showing the last three loops. The loops can be easily scaled for optimal visibility.

F/P Loops display

Offline review and data conversion

After a measurement session, the measurement files can be exported to a USB memory stick with a few clicks. The wave form measurements can be scrolled through in a reviewer that is included with the package. Epochs of interest can be converted to a .CSV file that can be imported in many other software packages.

Post process app

Data management

VOXP Research Data Collector comes with a data management tool. All your recordings and subsequent data copies are managed automatically. You never have to enter any file names before you start recording, because all is managed automatically. Just concentrate on your patient and your study.

Includes data management

Full screen

The VOXP Research Data Manager would normally run in full screen, to make it safe for operation in an ICU environment. But it can also be started in a window if your PC should run other software in parallel. The user interface of the collector app is dark and matches that of the AVEA, so that it seamlessly blends into an ICU environment. Please note that if you want to connect a PC to an operational ventilator, that the PC requires to be a medical PC that is EN 60601-1-2 certified.

Multilingual support

Multiple user interface languages are supported, or will be supported in the future. Please read more about language support here.

More features

Read more detailed information about features here.

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