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VOXP Research Data Collector

VOXP Research Data Collector Online

The VOXP Research Data Collector allows you to collect wave forms and all value parameters from CareFusion ventilators, like the AVEA® and the VELA®.

View wave forms live View a custom selection of up to 16 monitors live Includes data management

Show live a selection of wave forms and monitors to support your scientific research, ventilator education or quality control. Store hundreds of different parameters to disk and analyze with commonly available software. Run this software in full-screen on a touch-screen medical PC for safe integration in your ICU.

Value parameters, such as monitors, settings and alarms can be stored in text table files (.CSV files) that can be opened in almost all spread sheet and math programs. Wave forms are recorded in a binary format, but a tool is included that allows to copy parts of the wave form files to text table files.

VOXP Research Data Collector is the starting point for your pulmonary research, ventilator demonstrations, education, and quality control!

Latest release

The latest release of the VOXP Research Data Collector is version 3.2

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